Rite Aid

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    4368 Amboy Rd
    Staten Island, NY 10312

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    (718) 227-3049
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  • Store Hours:

    Mon-Sun 07:00-23:00
  • Categories:

    Pharmacies, Photo Finishing, Optical Goods, Gift Shops, Convenience Stores
  • Services/Proucts:

    Rite Aid offers services from prescription refills to advice on the most recent prescription medicines on the market. Some of the services we provide include but not limited to: Online prescription refills Use of the LifeCheck computer for analyzing potential drug interactions with other medicines patients are taking. Rite Advice on medicine dosage and potential effects Information and advice on diabetes 24 Hour Business Hours Medicare Prescription Information One Hour Photo & Online processing Products Include: Prescriptions, Personal Care, Hair Care, Beauty Supplies, Skin Care, Men's Grooming, Vitamins, Allergy & Cold medication, GNC, Diet & Fitness, Household & Pet supplies, Food, Baby & Children supplies, Contact Lenses, Cosmetics, Office Supplies, Seasonal Holiday items, Greeting Cards, Gift Cards and much more! We Offer Low Drug Prices, Flexible Spending Accounts, & Special Discounts. We also offer In Store Brands. Rite Aid Brand products are independently tested and satisfaction is

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